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Timberland Finance is the trade name for a group of companies which comprises Timberland Invest Ltd and Timberland Securities Investment plc both of which are established in Malta. These two companies have been established by the founders and senior managers of Timberland Capital Management GmbH, a Bafin regulated entity which has more than 27 years of sustained success in the demanding financial investment sector.

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Weekly Market Commentary
“EU starts sale of Green Bond…”

The European Union started selling its first ever green bond on Tuesday, reported Refinitiv news service, taking its first step to potentially becoming the biggest issuer of environmentally-friendly debt…

“Surge in Energy Prices…”

Soaring energy prices was a cause of concern among European leaders. In Europe, natural gas prices have climbed almost 600% this year on worries that current low storage levels will be insufficient for winter. The uncertainty over whether surging energy prices…

“German Election…”

Germany’s Social Democrats who narrowly won Sunday’s national election, showed projected results and claimed a “clear mandate” to lead a government for the first time since 2005 ending 16 years of conservative led rule under Angela Merkel.

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